My life in instagrams #4

1. best stuff after a good workout 2. miniature armcandy stack. I need more bracelets 3. creepiest store in the country. entire building is filled with dressing dolls 4. the boyfriend looking sad because I'm leaving ♥ 5. the cutest wallpaper in the world 6. boyfriend likes soccer... pardon me, football, A LOT. 7. just what I needed, bounce bounce 8. amazing motto, no? 9. Giant 80s shoulder pads 10. box of yet to review stuff 11. secret food drawer 12. loving this nailpolish on my tanned skin 

13. beach, amazing day with my man 14.Kurhaus, such a pretty building 15. boyfriend bought me a cupcake 16. matte asphalt and BAM! neon 17. Jillz in the sun 18. Look at that pout, cake! 19. my new Cheap Monday glasses 20. favorite Beatles song 21. jam on toast 22. triangle nail art 23. separated my nail polish into drugstore and high end polishes. Because one drawer was no longer enough 24. gold studs, I loved this design
25. Zara shorts, gotta ♥ sale 26. Meet Gustavo Hernandez, my goldfish 27. favorite flavor in the world! 28. Went to IKEA for a fridge, came home with half a house 29. My nails were a right mess, work is breaking them down 30. Made cupcakes 31. Baklava at the Greek restaurant for my mum's 50th b-day 32. Studded my shorts! 33. Finally got falsies, couldn't bare the look of my peeling stubs anymore

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