W7 Pastel Polishes swatches and reviews

There's one thing I am certain about when it comes to the British brand W7, they're not very original when it comes to packaging. Their nail polish bottles are shaped exactly like OPI's and their box blushes are obviously modeled after Benefit. But nevertheless, they do know how to make nice affordable cosmetics. I'm especially a big fan of their nail polishes. They have a wide range of colors from super bright neons to glitters to the softest of pastels. And that last mentioned group of colors is what I'm showing you today.


These four colors are all soft and pretty, really feminine. The names are added in the picture. All are two coats, except for chiffon, that took three coats to get to this opacity. I think they would need three to four coats on the actual nail. 

Chiffon is a super soft muted pink. I can really see a bride wearing this. I don't know why, it just screams wedding to me. Sheer peach is the perfect peach color, which I had been looking for for quite some time. Sheer lemon is a pretty pastel yellow, not sure how this will look on darker skintones. Sheer mauve is more like a lavender in my opinion. Not the most interesting of colors, nor is it very original but it's pretty and soft enough. 

A closer look at chiffon and sheer peach.

And sheer lemon and sheer mauve.

These polishes last a proper amount of time on the nail, very good job for this price. The only thing I don't like about these polishes is the smell. It's super strong, and my dad already starts complaining when I unscrew the brush. W7 polishes are sold at Dutch op = op voordeelshop stores. €2,99 a piece or two for €5.


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  2. Mine don't have names on the bottles- so annoying! :( xx