Sisley Phyto-Mascara Ultra Stretch review


Never in a million years would I have spent this amount of money on a mascara. I felt extremely guilty taking it from one of my best friends as a very late birthday present. But I'll make it up to him by not accepting a present when I turn twenty this christmas. But nevertheless, now that I have this super deluxe mascara in my possession a review couldn't stay away.

This is the Sisley phyto-mascara ultra-stretch. A lengthening mascara that curls and volumizes lashes at the root. I wasn't used to this kind of brush, but it was pretty easy to deal with. The brush captures each eyelash individually and coats it in a thick formula, which doesn't budge once it has dried. Yet it leaves your lashes feeling soft and flexible. There a special inner tube that wipes off the excess mascara that leaves you with a nice brush with the right amount of product to prevent clumps.


My lashes without mascara. I have pretty full lashes naturally, but I always like adding length and volume. It just makes my expression a lot more inviting and open.


As you can see, the mascara makes my lashes a lot longer. As for volumising, I'm not too sure. Also, it might be because I'm not used to handling this type of brush/formula, but it seems a little clumpy to me. But then again I did double dip. I like this mascara, it makes my eyes nice and open and the color is nice and deep black. 

As for durability this mascara gets an A+. I wore this on my eyes to work and it was busy, hot and stressful. Usually my Bourjois mascara is somewhere beneath my eyes in a smudged dark mess. But this didn't budge at all, not even a little bit!

I think Sisley is definitely charging too much for their products. But nevertheless this is a really nice mascara and I'm super grateful that I got to try such a luxurious product. Thanks Jorrit!

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