Benefit High Beam Review

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In my curiosity (read: excessive need to shop, shop, shop) for trying new brands I ventured into the relatively unknown Benefit. Relatively unknown in the Netherlands I mean. Of course I had read countless reviews and had seen numerous beautiful pictures of the Benefit products before committing to buying something. When I stood in front the display at Sephora I was torn. I could really only justify buying one item, but what should I buy?! Eventually my choice landed on their rosy pink highlighter called high beam.

It’s a liquid highlighter that comes in a super cute packaging that resembles a nail polish bottle. Funny story, I was applying it one morning and my boyfriend kind of looked on wide-eyed.. “Are you putting nail polish on your face?” Anyway, back to the review. The way it’s packaged is nice and handy. You just dot the product on the area you want to highlight and then blend with a brush or fingers. Easy does it.

I apply this on the parts of my face where the sun usually hits. Like on the bride of my nose, my cheekbones and my brow bone. It blends onto skin effortlessly and lasts all day. The highlighter has a beautiful light rosy color. Which is particularly nice on lighter skin tones. It also has plenty of shimmer but it doesn’t make you look like a jar of glitter exploded on your face. It’s just the right amount to make you glow, lit from within you could even say.

The bottle might look small but appearances fool! A little goes a really long way and this bottle lasts and lastsIt’s perfect on dry skinned people, because of the creamy formula. Long story cut pretty short. It’s awesome in a bottle. I really recommend it to people who are looking for a good highlighter that’s easy to use and lasts a long time.

In the Netherlands Benefit products are sold at Sephora and select Douglas stores. Recommended retail price is €25,42 for 13ml.

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