Day 14: Flowers

Bet you thought I flaked out on the challenge, huh? Actually I just forget to schedule this post right. Anyway we have landed upon day fourteen, of which the challenge was flowers. I wanted to daisies because I love how cute and girly they are. 

I have actually never worn flowers on my nails. I like them, but they're just a bit too sweet for me. I like to pretend that I'm this badass girl. Haha no, I'm a soft egg, really. I like all the girly things. 

The polishes I used were Catrice Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans, Essie Blanc and Catrice Pimp my Shrimp. I'm amazed at how many Catrice polishes I use during this challenge. Even a little appalled at how many expensive polishes I have laying around that are not getting any of use. 

Well that's it for today, tomorrow it's day 15 and the challenge is delicate print. And I am utterly, completely sans inspiration.

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