Day 13: Animal Print

I'm in stitches over these nails. When I was brainstorming what to do for the animal print challenge all I could come up with initially were either leopard or zebra nails. I though either were just too boring and predictable, so while I was staring out the window of the train I was in we passed through a certain patch of Dutch countryside and this idea came to me. 


They're everywhere in this country. And in all varieties! You have them in white, in brown and like my nails, in white with black spots. It would be a print that is fairly easy to create. Stock a larger dotting tool with plenty of black polish and create irregular patches for the cow's 'coat'. I looked up a cartoon image of a cow and 'tried' to recreate it on my accent nail. You can tell that it's a cow right? If you can't it's okay to lie... this time. 

MOOOOOOOO! Bye. See you tomorrow.

Polishes used
Essie Blanc (I got a new white polish!)
Gosh Nero
Essie Lovie Dovie

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  1. Oh my gosh that is the cutest mani! I just ran to show my Mum, she loves cows hehe ;-) xo