Day 16: Tribal

I'm a forgetful person. And I forgot to schedule this post for today. But I did do the nails! Tribal is the kind of print I enjoy seeing on other people. It always looks so special and and intricate. On me, I'm not so sure. I think for the size my nails are now this print is just a little too busy.

But I do like the nails, the colors are bright and cheery and really pop against my pale skin. Which is being exceptionally pale these days. You have got to love fall. My tan has completely faded and I just look sickly.

Polishes used
Essence Alpha Better Gamma
NYC Lexington Yellow 
Essie Blanc
Gosh Nero
2B Fashion Victim

Tomorow is my favorite kind of nail polish... GLITTER! And I have something planned that seems very excited to me, let's hope it executes the same way as I pictured it.

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