The battle of the texturizing sprays

Everybody wants gorgeous flowing locks of mermaid 'fresh from the ocean' hair. There are many products on the field that claim to give you just this type of hairstyle. For this battle of the texturizing sprays I tested two different sprays available in drugstores, and under fifteen euros.

So they are comparable in availability and price. But for the rest? Both these sprays can be used on both towel dry or completely dry hair. They're supposed to give your hair texture and light hold to provide gorgeous locks that are slightly wavy.

The sprays are a mixture of water, sea salt and a few other ingredients that are supposed to give the hair a little hold. The salt gives your hair more texture and strive to provide that effortless beach babe look. 

I had initially only bought the Lee Stafford Texturing spray to give my foxylocks extensions a little more grip when I styled them in braids. But since I no longer wear those extensions I started using the spray for more things. Namely to provide loose casual waves that give you that Kate Moss heroin-chic look. I like big hair with lots of texture, and this spray provided it. 

The downside of the LS spray is that it makes your hair feel kind of dirty. I only use this on days that I know I'm going to wash my hair, because I can't bear the thought of walking around with this in my hair for more than one day. 

However, like most LS products, this just smells divine. The scent is really strong, but I really enjoy it. 

The Toni & Guy spray on the other hand has a much lighter fresh kind of smell. It's more of a beach-like scent, I think. When I wore this in my hair my boyfriend and other people complimented me on the scent of my locks. 

T&G gives more hold than the LS. Plus it also doesn't make my hair feel as dirty. It gives texture and hold without leaving the residue that LS leaves. The waves that it creates are slightly less impressive than the LS spray. But the feel of it definitely wins. 

Winning the texturizing spray battle is then, of course, the Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturizing Spray.

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