Day 17: Glitter (+ Essence Peel Off Basecoat Review)

Day number seventeen... glitter. Yesterday I told you I had big plans for today's manicure. But like I said then, the execution was a lot harder than I had imagined. I wanted to do a glitter chevron on all my nails. But that seemed pretty much impossible to me after doing just one chevron. Because 1. I'm incapable of making an even chevron. 2. Glitter, namely loose glitter, got everywhere.

In the end I did end up loving this manicure. I love the dark blue glitter that I purchased for this very day. And glitter is just amazing and cute and girly, and I'll stop rambling now.

Polishes used
OPI Russian Navy as a dark blue metallic base for the glitter.

This manicure also gave me the perfect opportunity to test out Essence's peel off base coat. This base coat caused a storm in the nail art world, because it was suddenly making the removal of glitter polish incredibly quick and easy.

It was conducted in their summer collection "Ready for Boarding". I had seen it in the shelves and had passed it over judging that I the base coat would probably peel during wear. But after reading the many raves on this I was very happy to see that Essence had taken it into their permanent nail art collection.

The polish looks white and has almost the same ingredients as normal PVA glue. It's quite difficult to apply and I noticed that it shrank a little. But applying a little extra on the tips did the trick.

This is what the base coat looks like freshly applied. The box says that you need to let this dry for a full ten minutes before applying your other polish.

When the base coat has dried completely it is clear. When you ligthly run a fingertip over the nail it feels kind of rubbery. After the coat has dried you can apply your polish as usual. I wore a metallic blue polish first and dipped my finger in a bowl of the blue glitter while the polish was still wet. I topped it with a coat of Essie good to go and called it a day. 

When it was time for me to remove my blue glitter nails to make room for a new day of nail challenge all I did was peel a little at the base of the nail and removed the polish completely. It was super easy and quick and no glitter got left behind. 

This base coat is so flipping awesome. I cannot wait to make glitterbombs galore and just remove the, with a quick peel. And that for only €1,99. Essence, good job! No more sitting around with tin foil packages around your nails!

My nail after the glitter was removed. A few bits and pieces were left behind but they were easily removable with a cotton pad and some nail polish remover. 

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