Going Ombre + How I did it

I have played with the thought of going ombre for so long, but never had the guts to do it. My regular hair stylist pretty much refused to do it and other salons were going to charge me ridiculous amounts of money. So I finally bit the bullet and bought a box of super plus blonde hair dye. After buying the dye I put it in my beauty cupboard and avoided looking at it for a few weeks. Safe to say the incredibly blonde lady on the front was scaring me shitless.

But yesterday evening, when I really should be doing schoolwork I decided that I did not have to wait any longer. The ombre had to go in right at that moment.

I used a drugstore bought blonde hair dye pack. I have been told that using a highlighting formula works better and faster. But that was just too scary.

Schwarzkopf Blonde Super Plus Intensive Blonde is what I used to achieve my ombre effect. My hair has been dyed before, but never bleached. (Beside the average hightlight here and there). And the only part of my hair that still had old faded hair dye in it were my lenghts.

I followed the directions on the pack to mix the dye. I wore the gloves that came with the dye and made sure I had a pair extra because I was pretty sure that I was going to have to bleach twice.

The first time I bleached it I only applied it to 2 inches from the bottom, making sure each strand was properly covered in the dye. I wrapped tin foil around my locks and let that sit for a good 50 minutes. The pack said 45 but after periodically checking the process I though it needed a little more.

After that I rinsed out the dye but didn't use any product in it. I blowdried my hair and reapplied the dye. Only now I coated the bottom 6 inches. I let that session sit for another 45 minutes. And boy was I scared. I was pretty sure that my ends would NOT be able to handle the second bleach. Imagine my relief when I took off the foil and rinsed it out and treated it with a deep conditioner.

The result is a subtle but nice ombre. At the moment I don't think I should take it up higher or go any lighter. This was just what I needed, because I was so bored with my hair.

What I am wearing on my face
L'Oreal Linda Evangelista eyeshadow kit, darkest shade in my brows
Garnier BB cream for oily/combination skin
Collistar Sun Effet bronzer in 08 Champagne
YSL Effet Faux Cils in Black
Catrice absolute color lipstick in Tell Me A Berry Tale (mattified by a loose powder)

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  1. Prachtig! En zelf gedaan ook, goed zo!