Lush Lacquer Review and Swatches

The world of indie lacquers is growing every single day. All across the world crafty people are showing up that know there way around glitter and bases. They make beautiful polishes with extraordinary finishes, colors and effects. This also goes for the American women Lexi and Karin, who founded the indie brand Lush Lacquer. I ordered two polishes from their etsy store and they arrived yesterday. 

I'd like to warn you in advance. This post is super image heavy.

First we have the amazing Salt 'N Peppa. A mixture of black and white bar, hex, round and square matte glitters and small tiny holographic glitters in a clear base. On the picture above the top nail has one coat, and the bottom nail has two coats.

I'd like to say a little something about the application of this polish. It's FANTASTIC! Never have I experienced a glitter polish that transfers this easily and prettily onto the nail. Impossible to describe how pretty it is. You'll continuously have to snap your fingers in front of my face to snap me out of staring.

Above it is layered over to different color polishes, to show you what it looks like over nail polish. I layered it over the beautiful barbie pink called Free Hugs. It's an essence polish. The way Salt 'N Peppa makes the pink polish look sweet yet edgy.

The blue polish is called 'let's get lost' and I've been abusing this polish a lot lately. I can't help it, the color is just lovely. Another essence polish. They're so pretty yet cheap.

A macro shot to show you all the different sizes and types of glitter that this spectacle holds.

Snap Crackle Pop is a beautiful blue jelly base filled with red and silver iridescent glitter and loads and loads of white and blue matte glitter of different shapes. Hexes, bars and squares, it's all in there. The polish looks spectacular on it's own, but layered it really is a beauty! Two coats looks really nice as well.

Here is Snap Crackle Pop layered over ANNY's True Love on the right and over Essie Blanc on the left. In the bottom picture is it over essence let's get lost.

A macro shot of Snap Crackle Pop's multi glitter extravaganza.


  1. Pretty polishes perfect for all year round to :)


  2. These are really pretty. Love the different types of glitter shapes, makes it look quite unique. Xx I've seen a few posts about this brand and I am always impressed. Xx