Day 18: Half Moons

Half moons, I like them. These ones aren't so moon-y, though. I couldn't find my hole reinforcement stickers so I had to use these french manicure guides that were pretty straight. But the idea is there. The colors were chosen based on the amazing nails that Lizzy Caplan wears in the movie Bachelorette. Although the reviews on this movie have been mixed, I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. I saw it in theaters with one of my colleagues and we rolled around laughing a lot.

The gold polish is by Catrice and it is called Oh My Goldness. It's gorgeous in two coats, nice orangy tinted gold which gives almost a leaf like effect. The red is my favorite and it's H&M Midnight Vampire. The color is so nice and warm and just gives that perfect fall look.

Below you can see a screenshot of the girls hugging in Bachelorette. It really shows the polish design well on it. Tomorrow is galaxy day. I'm pretty sure I nailed that one! Pun intented, of course.

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  1. I love the colours you've used, perfect for autumn. Although I just know I'd never get them that neat or they'd run into each other (: xx