Day 19: Galaxies

Galaxies, we meet again. A while back I did my first galaxy manicure and wrote a tutorial on it. People seemed to like that tutorial very much, which made me a very happy Kelly. After that first time I had yet to try this nail look again. 

It's simple and quick to make but it gives your nails an amazing look. Follow the link to see my very first nail tutorial on galaxies: click here for the tutorial.

Polishes used
Base polish: OPI Russian Navy
White: Essie Blanc
Added more dimension to white with: Essie Muchi Muchi
Blue: Essence let's get lost
Pink: Essie Lovie Dovie
Tiny holographic stars: Essence Hello Holo
Larger round glitter: Essence Blair
Top coat: Essie Good to go

I'd like to express my fear for day number twenty. Water marbling. I have tried water marbling once before in my life and it was traumatic. That might be a little hyperbolic, but I really don't like water marbling. The hassle, the clean up, the way the designs always seem to go wrong with me. But for the sake of the challenge I will try it. What a relieve it will be when day twenty is gone.

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  1. Looks fab! Good luck with the water marble xx