Day 2: Orange

Second day into the nail polish challenge and today the color is orange. Orange is probably one of my least favorite colors in real life. It's the color of my country, and all the crazy sports supporters wear head to toe orange whenever a national team plays. But on nails I don't mind it all that much. I love a good bright orange against tanned skin. 

Plain orange was just a little too... plain for me. So I added a mismatch of designs to my nails. I won't show a close up of my thumb, because that bowtie was just, well, not a bow tie. 

I used two coats of essence's Wake Up. My camera really did not do it justice. In real life this polish is much more bright. It really pops off the nail. The blue is a catrice color called 'All I can blue'. I decided to whip out my newly acquired nail art brushes for this look. And I'm proud to report that my hands are getting steadier. 

The dots were really simple, just used my handcrafted dotting tool. The thin stripes were done with a smaller dotting tool, I used it to pick up polish that had gone gloopy and then just basically dragged it across my nail. The triangle was done with tape. Not too complicated. The diagonal stripes were done with a straight edge nail art brush. 

Here is 'Wake Me Up' on its own. A gorgeous bright orange cream. I'm glad I got over my orange-phobia and purchased this some time ago. See you again tomorrow!

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