Day 25: Inspired by fashion

Black and gold to me is the ultimate fashion combo. I absolutely love pairing these colors together. They look great on shoes, on bags, on belts. I have so many different pieces and things with black and gold that I had no other choice but to incorporate it into the 31 day nail challenge.

I decided to do different types of nails. To make it a little more interesting for you to look at. Ever since I discovered eBay my supply of nail art things has greatly expanded. I have glitters, studs, tools, etc... And I love using them all. Except glitter, because that's always such a hassle. 

Six more days left on the challenge. I am already so proud of myself that I have made it this far. I am pretty confident that I will be able to complete the challenge. I already have manicures planned for the next two challenges. But let's hope that my idea manages to translate onto my nail.

The black I used is my beloved Gosh Nero. I'll be so sad when this is finished. See you tomorrow, babes.

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