Day 24: Inspired by a book

Inspired by a book was a really difficult one. Not necessarily in chosing which book to do, but what nails to make to accompany the book. My favorite book is hands down 'Wonder when you'll miss me' by Amanda Davis. I got it a couple years ago and pretty much read it in one breath. Her writing is so captivating and enthralling. I wish she had had the chance to write more fantastic books, but sadly Amanda Davis passed away at a really young age. 

"A coming-of-age story with twits a shade darker than the average adolescent's, replete with romance and danger, life lessons, and a completely satisfying conclusion.... Davis has made the modern psychological odyssey into a thrilling adventure." - Boston Globe

It's a story about the adolescent girl Faith Duckle. She, morbidly obese, goes through a horrifying experience at fifteen that leads to a downward spiral and a failed suicide attempt. After rehab and an incredible weight loss she returns to school and starts plotting her revenge. Her behaviour leads to a series of reckless and sometimes violent attempt and she runs away from home to protect herself. She joins the circus in search for her lost best friend and there she lives a bunch of adventures. 

The nails
thumb: snap crackle pop
pointer: the pills
middle: the big top
ring: elephant on pedestal
pinky: light sky with clouds

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