Day 23: Inspired by a movie

Oooh, despicable me. Just looking at these nails embeds the theme song into my head. One of the best animated movies ever made, and the little minions are perfect for nail designs. When I saw the day 23 prompt I immediately knew that I was going to do the fruit loving minions that help Gru take over the world one banana at a time. 

The minions are fairly easy to do on nails. I made a little gif just in case you were wondering which steps I took making these uber cute movie monsters.

The polishes I used were 
NYC Lexington Yellow
Kiss Blarck striper
Catrice Havana Drum
Kiss white striper
ANNY true love
Catrice Hip queens wear blue jeans

And to finish it off, the adorable teaser trailer that announces the coming of a sequel to Despicable Me. POTATOOOOO!

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