Day 22: Inspired by a song

Inspired by a song, wow that's a difficult challenge. Not neccessarily difficult in execution but more difficult in choosing what song you're going to do. I was working on a school assignment this morning with the music channel playing in the background on my television when a Lana del Rey song came on. It was her video for the slightly awkward song 'National Anthem'. But I didn't chose to do that song. I watched her amazing Born to Die video and got really inspired. So I made a mix 'n match design on my nails that matches/are inspired by scenes from her video. 

Pinky finger: Red converse that she wears
ANNY True Love 
White, black and silver by Kiss Nail Art

Ring finger: the blue floral crown that Lana wears so beautifully
Base ANNY Makeup
Blue flowers Catrice All I can blue, George Blueney
Essie blanc, mint candy apple
W7 Sheer blue
Middle finger: tiger print to match the ones she has on opposite sides of her when sitting on the throne
Essie Blanc, essence wake up and kiss nail art striper
Pointer finger: the same nail art as Lana wears in the video
Thumb not pictured but is just plain gold. No other effect. 
OPI Goldeneye

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  1. Great effort! I would have really struggled to think of something and would have done something like musical notes, much less exciting!xx