Day 27: Inspired by artwork

Piet Mondriaan, on of my country's many great artists. We have the old masters Rembrandt & Van Gogh. But we weren't too shabby at the modern arts either. I knew pretty much immediately that I wanted to do Mondriaan's famous painting. Not just because it is fairly easy (hehehe, of course that was a big reason) but also because I love the striking colors. They're all bright and cheery, which is just what I needed in this dreary weather.

I only did the Mondriaan on my accent nail and used the other colors on the other nails of my hand. The black didn't get a nail, because I don't have six nails..

The polishes that I used on these nails were of course the ones that get way too much airtime on this blog. Essie blanc for the white, ANNY true love for the red, NYC Lexington Yellow for the yellow and Kool & the gang for the blue. The black stripes were done with my Kiss black nail art striper.

Tomorrow is day twenty-eight inspired by a flag, and I have something nice planned for that as well. We're nearing the end of the challenge, and I am partly sad and partly really happy. I loved coming up with these challenges but it's so so so hectic sometimes.

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