Day 3: Yellow

We have arrived upon the third day, which is the theme yellow. I like yellow nail polish, it looks fresh and happy. But finding a good yellow nail polish is a challenge. However, sometimes you strike gold with a drugstore gem. I found that gem in NYC's Lexington Yellow. It covers beautifully in just two coats and it has a reasonable drying time.

I tried a new technique for today's manicure, namely the 'saran wrap-manicure'. Or cling film manicure. It's basically where you take pieces of cling film and bunch them up into little balls. You paint your nail one color and press the cling film ball on it a few times when the polish is still wet. Don't wait to press the wrap on it!

Let me tell you, this manicure technique is VERY messy. It's best to wrap your fingers in scotch tape or cover them in Vaseline to speed up the cleaning process. I spent more time cleaning up than doing the actual manicure. 

Once you cover your nail in a top coat and smooth out the manicure it looks really good. Kind of like tie-dye, I want to try this with blue and white.

For this manicure I used two coats of Lexington Yellow from NYC, which I let dry completely before adding one coat of Essie Watermelon. Immediately sponge on the cling film and cover with a top coat once dried a little. Et voila! A cling film/saran wrap manicure.

A (kind of grainy) close-up of the manicure

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