Day 30: Inspired by a tutorial

Inspired by a tutorial was harder to chose than I would have imagined. The web is so incredibly swamped with nail tutorials, all equally amazing. I, in the end, chose to do this super cute Cookiemonster nail tutorial created by the goddess of easy nail tutorials Cutepolish. This cookie monster set of nails are super cute and wearable. I wore them to work because we had a lot of kids' parties planned. They all loved my nails!

I used catrice hip queens wear blue jeans for cookie monsters' body, gosh nero for the eyes, kiss nail art striper for the eyes, catrice havana drum for the cookie and a nameless MNY polish for the chocolate chips. Then I topped it with essie's good to go top coat to give it a beautiful shine (in the cutepolish voice). Shamefully that top coat has gone a bit thick and it smeared the monsters' eye a bit. 

One day left! Tomorrow is recreate your favorite challenge, and because it is halloween I'm giving it a bit of a  spooky feeling! Watch the cutepolish cookie monster nail tutorial at the bottom of this post. I'm telling you, she is brilliant!

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