Day 31: Recreate your favorite challenge

Oh my god, I actually did it. I made it to the end of the 31 day nail challenge. I at some points didn't think that I would make it. Doing countless rounds of nail art and coming up with new interesting designs is a real onslaught on your imagination. But I actually did it!

For the last day of the nail challenge you had to recreate your favorite challenge. And I'm cheating a little bit on these nails. Because 'Inspired by the supernatural' wasn't necessarily my favorite challenge. But today it is october 31st. Which makes it Halloween! Halloween isn't celebrated in the Netherlands, though it is becoming larger and larger every year. Not that I mind because I am in love with the holiday. 

I received/bought a couple nail polishes last week and I immediately saw that combining a few of those polishes would create perfect gruesome looking zombie skin. So I present my phalanges decked in zombie faces. Complete with scars, bloodshot eyes and even a little bit of brains. These were fun but tricky to make. I really need some new thin stripers. Good thing eBay caters to my need... Three are on their way to my little  house.

Polishes used
OPI Don't talk bach to me 
Essie Blanc
ANNY Summer dream
H&M Midnight Passion
Kiss black nail art striper

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