Day 7: Black and White

Look! Little tuxedos on my nails. A little crooked, but lovely. I was kind of losing light while creating this manicure. Plus I had three large cappuccinos, so my hands were a little shaky. But nonetheless I think you get the point of the little suits. 

We're at day seven already, the days seem to pass pretty quickly. I'm still enjoying this challenge to the fullest. It's really fun trying to come up with new designs every day. Sometimes I draw them out, sometimes they just come to mind when looking into my nail polish drawer. 

I'm still searching for the perfect white base. I'm using Catrice now but that is nearly finished and it has, sadly, been discontinued. I think I might try Essie Blanc when I really finish my Catrice bottle. Has anyone tried that polish before? Any thoughts?

First I applied two coats of Catrice's Snow Motion as a base color. Then I put some tape on my nails and made the black suit jacket with Gosh's Nero nail polish. This black is just perfect. Shiny and opaque in just one coat. This one has also been discontinued. Which makes me a very sad Kelly.

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