Day 6: Violet

Don't mean to float my own boat, but I am pretty proud of today's manicure. I love working with the small beads that I got off eBay. I have demonstrated manicures with studs once before, you can view that right here. These little balls came in a pack of thousand and were half silver and half gold. 

They're a hassle to work with, but the result is so worth it, every time. However, these are definitely 'photo nails', meaning you can create them and take pictures of them, but they aren't very practical. For today's challenge I had to use violet, I chose W7's Sheer Mauve. It was really cheap and I love its color.  

A closer look at the way I used the studs. On the left nail I used metallic strip tape to create an 'X' shape which I then filled with the studs. A thin double strip of studs was placed on the other nail. I always have trouble getting my strip tape to stay put, anyone else have this problem?

A shot of the violet polish on its own. A nice soft lilac color, covers nicely in two coats. I topped it with a coat of Essie Good to Go, which is a brilliant top coat. It dries polish in record time and gives your nails a beautiful shine (read this in the cutepolish voice). It's a shame that the W7 polishes aren't 3Free. That would really make them fabulous. 

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