Day 9: Rainbow

It appears that I now know how to handle a striper brush. Well, on four out of five nails, at least. Today's challenge was rainbow nails. Last time around I skipped this challenge. I think it was because I was busy, sans inspiration or just too lazy to put in the effort. But this time I really wanted to do something nice. 

I started with my ring finger. Decided to use the, obviously, wrong nail art brush for this challenge. And the wrong blue,which didn't even show up on my nail. So, I stepped it up for the other four nails. And that worked out pretty good if I do say so myself. 

Normally my stripes are wobbly and just plain strange. But they all look pretty decent now. I like the different patterns I did with the rainbows. I think that just makes it a little easier to look at. As if the eye would not get bored. I'm probably just babbling nonsense now. 

Base OPI Tickle My France-y
Red ANNY True Love
Orange Essence Wake Me Up
Yellow NYC Lexington Yellow
Green Essence In Fashion We Trust
Blue Essence Let's Get Lost
Violet Essence Passion for Fashion

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