Day 10: Gradient

Gradients are the last in the first third of the nail challenge. Wow, I got the first part down. I'm sure I have mentioned it before but I am really having fun with this challenge. It's pushing me to be more creative and inventive with my nails. Gradient nails aren't very new to me, I've tried and used the technique countless times. 

It's a quick and easy way to do your nails in an interesting way. It's nice to make a nice fade with colors that are similar to each other. But I also quite like to use contrasting colors. Like neon on nude, or black on white. Today I used white on nude. This nude nail polish is just the perfect color for me. ANNY really did a great job on this one. 

ANNY make-up
Catrice Snow Motion

Tomorrow we venture into the second part of the challenge. The territory of patterns. With the first one being  'polka dots'. A kind of pattern that I have often used and abused. I'm still so hyped for this challenge!

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