Day 11: Polka Dots

Polka dots! Oh lordy, I love these nails. The blue is just fantastic, so glad I picked that one up last week. It's pretty and vibrant and not boring at all. Normally I don't enjoy these type of colors on my nails. I'm a neutrals, reds and pinks kind of girl. Bright blue or yellow isn't something I would wear on its own. But in a design like this I am really pleased with them.

First I just added the white dots because I thought that would make a nice contrast yet be just as vibrant. But I thought it lacked something and just spotted the blue jelly polish sitting abandoned in the back of my nail polish drawer. So I added the smaller blue dots inside the white ones. And I just love these dotted nails. They kind of resemble little eyes, don't you think? But not in a scary, creepy way.

I can't stop looking at my phalanges. And I am slightly heartbroken that I have to swap out this design for a striped design tomorrow.

'Essence 'Let's get lost' on its own.

Polishes used
Essence let's get lost
Catrice Snow Motion
Essence Cool & the gang

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