Zara Fragrances

Standing casually in the queue, holding that spectacular blazer that has been marked down from €119 to only €39,95, in front of you is an equally excited shopper. To your left is a backlit arrangement of shelved with neatly stacked boxes of perfume. Little testers and fragrance test strips.. You spray, you sniff, you check the back of the box. Only ten euros. "My precious blazer was marked down €80, I can afford another bottle of perfume right?" 

And before you know it, you have another bottle of perfume you didn't need. 

This happened to me, twice. I have to add, shamefully, that the main thing that sold me on these was the packaging. But the fragrances are amazing as well. 

White Jasmine is a a very florally fragrance. Mainly jasmine (duh!) and lily of the valley. It's very sweet and refreshing and somewhat reminds me of soap. It lasts a decent time on my skin, but I always carry it in my handbag to refresh my scent before I go anywhere. Definitely a fresh daytime fragrance. 

Black Peony is an intense sweet perfume with floral and vanilla accords. On me the vanilla is most present. There are also hints of patchouli and citruses. This is a more dark, oriental fragrance and I love a few spritzes of this when I go out. This also lasts a moderate amount of time on me. Carrying this in your handbag is again, a must.

The Zara fragrances are sold at most Zara stores. These two were €9,95. I think most fragrances are around this pricepoint, I'm sure it won't deviate too much.

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