eBay Beautyblender Review

I used to despise using sponges for my foundation, but my mind has been convinced by this bright pink oddly egg-shaped sponge which I ordered from the depths of eBay. The Beautyblender has been a trend on the cosmetic market for quite some time now. The orignal Beautyblender invented by makeup artist Rea Ann Silva quickly became a staple for makeup artists all over the world, and it has been in a bunch of magazines featured as a best beauty buy. It claimes to flawlessly blend your makeup in a quick and easy way. Sounds like a dream, no?

But with the original beautyblender coming in at a whopping $19,95, you're quick to think 'no way I'm dropping that much money on a sponge'. For all the smart saving people like that there is eBay. After a little search your quick to find hundres of beautyblender dupes. In all kinds of crazy colors and slightly different shapes. I used the words 'egg cosmetic make up blender sponge' in my search bar and wound up with the seller demon99. This seller was selling the slightly differently shaped beautyblender dupes for $1,36 a pop free shipping. I ordered two and waited patiently for my sponges to arrive in the mail. 

Warning, crazy fathers might think these are part of a hot pink Shrek costume and promptly put the two sponges on their heads upon arrival. 

How do you use the sponge? First you run it under warm water. This will make the sponge absorb the water and expand to around twice its original size. Look at the top picture for reference. The sponge absorbing the water will keep it from absorbing too much makeup, what regular sponges tend to do. And the usage of warm water will help your foundation kind of 'melt' upon application which makes it easier to blend. 

After you wet the sponge you apply your foundation in dots over your face. This can be any kind of liquid or dry foundation. I personally only use liquid foundation with light to medium coverage because that gives a more natural look. Take the beauty blender sponge and put your fingers in the indentation, as shown in picture number three. Althought you mostly use the larger flat side, but the picture is just to show you where to hold it. 

Now what your going to do is just dab the sponge over your face, effectively spreading and blending your foundation of choice. For the harder to reach places such as the side of your nose, under your eyes, etc.. use the pointier side. 

This eBay beauty blender dupe does a fantastic job at blending my foundation to make it look nice and natural. The color and coverage is distributed evenly across my features and it doesn't look as if I have product caked on my face.

I try to clean the sponge after every use, because the germ infested sponge idea still creeps me out. But these sponges are easily taking the place of my makeup brushes. It's lovely! I recommend it to everyone who wants a nice tool to blend and apply foundation or concealer with. 

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  1. I felt the same way about sponges till I finally picked one up Sephora and it quickly became my fave way to apply Foundation for over a year. Now its back and forth between my Beauty Blender and Flat top Kabuki:)