Fashion for the holidays

Nearing the end of november I can't help but get excited, and slightly scared for december. December holds a lot of things for me. An incredibly busy month work and school wise, but of course christmas, new years and my birthday. Good lord, I'm turning twenty. Where has the time gone? 

Shallow as I am, the great question lies ahead, what am I going to wear? Up top there's a selection of high street fashion items that will be perfect for the holidays. All from stores with webshops, of course. To make it easier to navigate and shop these items yourself. 

The gorgeous light pink dress with rose colored gems on the shoulder is from H&M, priced at only €34,95 this baby was in my shopping basket before I could say "I really shouldn't". The purple gem necklace is also from the Swedish retailer. The nude bag is from my favorite store Zara, who are just spot on the last few seasons. The nude patent pumps are from Missguided, this country needs a store or 100 of this fantastic shop. 

I cannot wait to dress up for the holidays, to look pretty and sophisticated beyond my years. What about you?

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