How to: Fishtail Braid

Want to know how to do this super easy yet stylish fishtail braid? It's one of my go to hairstyles. It looks so chic and put together, without any effort at all. I explain the technique in my first ever hair tutorial video up top. This hairstyle is easiest to do with hair that is passed shoulder length and has little to no layers. If you want to make your hair easier to work with, spray a little texturizing spray into your locks before you braid. This will make sure that your braid has less 'slip' and will hold better.

Thanks for watching and if you like these videos, please let me know. Maybe I'll do more of them. : )


  1. Prachtig! Ik wou dat ik lang lang haar had:-)!

  2. New follower! Nice :) Great tutorial!

  3. So cute! Btw I LOVE your glasses!

    xx Louise
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