App central: My current favorite iPhone/iPad app

I'm a real apple-file when it comes to their portable devices. I have loved my iPhone for quite some time and I am definitely loving every second I spend with my iPad, much to my boyfriend's dismay. It really is the perfect gadget. I use it for studying, a quick browse of my favorite blogs, a jump to eBay for the latest in super cheap accessories and so many more purposes. In this feature on secondhandspring I want to highlight my favorite apps. A different one each week.

The first one is the amazing new app called Room for Thought. It's a camera app that prompts you to take pictures at random moments. It does this once every day, so by the end of the year you have an entire album filled with accidental pictures. Showing you what you did, where you've been and who you have spent time with. You can also browse through other people's albums. Don't worry, you can set your album to private so only you can see what you did throughout the year.

My mother, of all people (she's a total technophobe), told me about this app a few days ago. So I'm missing the first few days of 2013, but that's okay.

If you want an accidental photo collection of your events throughout the year. I suggest you download Room for Thought now. It's available in the app store and is completely free.

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