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Every once in a while your makeup routine will shift. Especially with the changing of the seasons. During winter my skin gets dull and grey-ish and I just need all the help I can get in the radiance department. And the quick fix? Is a light infusing radiance boosting foundation. L'Oreal claims they have made such a foundation. They say they have trapped a liquid light technology that infuses skin with a ray of light, illuminating your complexion as if lit-from-within. Big words, huh? But does it live up to those expectations?

The foundation comes in a luxurious glass bottle shaped pretty similar to the L'Oreal True Match foundation. It has a rose gold plastic pump, which works hygienic. It's my favorite type of foundation dispenser just because it's much more clean and it doesn't make a huge mess out of everything.

I got the foundation in the lightest available shade. I go a bit 'ghost-like' during the colder months. There are only about six shades available for this foundation, which I think is crap. There never seems to be a suitable shade for darker skin tones. I thought drugstore brands were supposed to cater to the larger audience, then why only put out six shades?

Anyway shade C2 Rose porcelain would imply that it has a pink undertone, which isn't exactly the case. Distributing it across the back of my hand I was kind of intimidated by the yellow tone, which almost seemed orange.

dot smear blended

Never one to judge a book by its cover, I decided to purchase anyway and see how it would work out on my face. I'm pretty iffy about applying foundation testers from drugstores onto my face. 

Below is a picture of my face without any makeup one. As you can see my skin is pretty dull and white with quite a bit of spots and redness poking through. 

I applied the Lumi Magique foundation with my ELF powder brush. The formula is pretty thin and spreads nicely across the skin, making it pretty easy to blend. I was quite surprised that the color actually seemed to match me pretty well. It didn't seem too orange on my skin, and I didn't get any of those horrific mask lines by the side of my face. 

This foundation definitely has medium coverage, but if you were to require more you can definitely build it up to a higher level of coverage. The liquid blends seamlessly into the skin and you are left with a natural complexion that looks healthy and anything but caked on. My skin looked much more alive and healthy, after  applying. I wouldn't say that I looked 'lit-from-within', but we all know how the marketing departments like to exaggerate to persuade us happy consumers.

It also lasted quite a long time. I applied it mid-morning, dashed around town all day running errands and puled a particularly long shift at work and at night removing it I still had a substantial amount come off onto my Bioderma soaked cotton pad. I double cleansed my skin with my trusty Obagi Clenziderm Cream Care Cleanser and called it a night after that.

With foundation.
 (Left other makeup, right sans anything except L'Oreal Lumi Magique in C2 Rose Porcelain)

Overall I am quite pleased with the purchasing of this foundation. I will use it on the days that my skin needs a good boost of radiance and health. 

- Nice radiant finish, leaves your skin looking healthy and natural
- Medium coverage without mask effect
- Lasts a decent time

- Costs €17,28 for 30ml. Pricey for a drugstore foundation
- Limited shade range

L'Oreal Lumi Magique foundation is available in drugstores and perfumeries  all across the world right now. My bottle was purchased was at Douglas for €15,55 because I get 10% off with my Douglas member card. 

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