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Every once in a while OPI brings out a special collection designed with a celebrity. This year it's diva extraordinaire Mariah Carey. Together with OPI she designed a collection of eight shades. Four for the studio, and four for the stage. The lacquers made for the stage are the real stunners in this collection. They feature OPI's newest finish in nail lacquer, the Liquid Sand finish. The polish dries to a textured matte finish infused with reflective glints of light. You are supposed to apply two coats of the color and you should not use a top coat over them. For that would undo the matte finish. 

I ordered the Mariah Carey OPI Liquid Sand nail lacquers off of eBay, which saves me a lot of money considering OPI almost quadruples their prices over here in the Netherlands. I would tell you the seller but upon checking I saw that they are no longer selling these sets. I think they must have sold out. 

Below you can see two swatches of each color. One without top coat and one, obviously, with top coat. I applied two coats of each color on the nail wheel, so you can judge the color payoff equally.


Get Your Number is a matte blue with different sizes of silver glitter infused within. There is really fine micro glitter and larger hexagonal glitter. The color payoff was a little dissapointing, I'd personally wear a bright blue shade under this to really make it pop.


Can't let go is a bright purple stunning shade, again with different sizes of glitter. There is silver, lilac and purple glitter in this one. I particularly like this one without a top coat. Again I would apply it over a purple shade to make the pigmentation a little more intens, it kind of lacks some now.


Stay The Night is one of the more interesting shades in this collection. The black jelly based filled with hot pink small glitter flecks looks really great on the nail. Especially over a black polish.


Last but most definitely not least. My favorite shade from the collection is without a doubt 'The Impossible'. This gorgeous color looks red in this light and then pink in the other. Really interesting and filled to the brim with shiney glitter really makes my magpie like tendencies play up. The larger bottle of this also has star shaped glitter, but I'm glad my version doesn't have that. It just seems a little too childish for me. 

The OPI Mariah Carey collection is now available all over the world. I'd run to the stores if I were you, because it's  a limited edition and you never know when it is going to sell out!

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