The Smoothing Smackdown | Hair product comparison


All the rage these days. Everywhere across the market smoothing hair products are popping up. In the shape of oils, serum, creams and mists, anything you can imagine. Mostly with one purpose: making your hair look smooth, shiny and incredibly healthy. Today I am comparing five different products with one goal in mind, finding the ultimate smoothing product for your locks.

L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil - €10,00 in drugstores everywhere
This oil from cosmetics megabrand L'Oreal is one of the newest available today. This oil has a mixture of extracts from six rare oils that are supposed to make your hair super soft and healthy while adding a beautiful shine. L'Oreal claims that this oil won't weigh down your hair or make it look greasy.

While it does make my hair smell and look good, I do not agree with the weighing down part of their promise. I have a lot of hair, and it's thick as well, and when I use this product through my ends it weighs it down so much that the top is even flatter than it usually is. I'm also not a fan of the sickeningly sweet smell, even if the mister seems to love it.

Syoss Anti-Frizz Smoothing Lotion - €5,99 in drugstores everywhere
This lotion comes in a pump bottle. You have to pump a small amount of product into your hand and then spread it throughout your hands. The stuff smells pretty good, although my nose does detect quite a bit of alcohol in it. This product promises to fight frizz while making your locks smooth and soft.

It does make your hair soft, but the effects aren't long lasting. One step outside, a little bit of humidity and boom! You're a frizz ball again. So if you want smooth hair when you're inside, this cheap product does the trick.

Kaaral Style Perfetto Cristalli Heat Protection Serum - €12,99 at hairdresser wholesale
This stuff works. No question about it, it protects my hair from heat styling, gives it shine, makes it smooth and it does not weigh down the hair at all. Even though it's a silicone based product. It might be a little trickier to get a hold off, but after some quick internet research I found multiple webshops around the world that will ship this product to your house.

My mom also uses this product after she kept stealing pumps from me, and she is also very pleased with it. Her hair type is pretty different from mine. Hers is much thinner and a bit less dry, just for comparison sake.

Toni & Guy Serum Drops
This product adds a beautiful shine and soft appearance to your locks. It is also readily available across the world. The thing I love most about this and any other Toni and Guy product is the smell. It is just divine.

It does weigh down the hair somewhat, but not as much that your hair lies completely flat to your scalp. Also a volumising dry shampoo or texture powder to add some more volume.

Gliss Kur Liquid silk gloss - €5,99 in drugstores
This product is designed as a detangler. But if you spray it into your hair when it's damp and then style it whichever way you want it leaves your hair soft and silky. It doesn't last a very long time, but the effect is sure nice while it lasts. The gliss kur product also leaves your smelling rather pleasant. I've heard that they also released a liquid silk serum spray, and I suspect that might work a little better. So I'll try and find that soon so I can give it a whirl.

Five different products with somewhat of the same purpose. But which one do I think is the best? For me it's a tie between the Kaaral and Toni&Guy. Considering that Toni&Guy is easier to get a hold of and retails for a slightly lower price, I'm going to have to choose that one. Luckily these products last forever, since you only need two or three pumps each time.

Do you have a personal favorite that wasn't treated in this smoothing smackdown? Please let me know down below. I'm always on the hunt for great products. The perfect product is still out there, I'm sure...

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