So I went a little Essie crazy

The other day I was just casually popping into a drugstore to pass some time waiting for an appointment when I stumbled upon probably the best Essie display I have ever come across. Instead of the usual vertical display that is in all the Dutch etos stores, this particular DA drugstore had a gorgeously bright lit built in display. And the best part, I saw some bottles from my favorite nail polish brand with a nice red little sticker saying '50% off'.

I checked out the bottles and to my joy I saw that they were colors from previous collections that I had actually wanted to buy, but it had proven to be impossible, because they were always sold out.

I bought five essie polishes, because I totally needed them, right? From the older collections 'Poppy-razzi' and 'Bikini so teeny'.

Clockwise, starting at 9:45.
Lights / Cascade Cool / Fear or Desire / Camera / Action

Each of them brilliantly bright summer shades, that I personally cannot wait to wear around town. (I might be going against the winter rules by wearing Lights right now). You can tell from Lights and Action that the pigment has seemed to drop down a little bit. This worried me at first but after a good shake of the bottle before application the colors have mixed and it still applies beautifully to the nail. As do all of Essie polishes. 

Mrs. Weingarten sure knows how to design her colors and I'm so glad her hybrid brand has come to drugstores across the world.


  1. Thats so exciting! I love when I find previous limited edition colours I was wanting. Luckily, a lot of the colours from previous collections are going to be permanent in the essie wall where I live. Essies Bikini So Tiny and Butler Please where two that I was really excited to get. Also, I have a few of the bright shades from the film collection previously that it looks like you got, I recommend wearing them with a white polish base as I find without it they don't look as bright as they should! xo


    1. That's a great tip, I'll be sure to try it soon. I'm wearing two thin coats of Lights and it's just so gorgeous and bright.

  2. Love the pastel shades. A girl can never have too many nail varnishes.



    1. I agree wholeheartedly


  3. Love all of these. Im really into brights right now and these are fantastic:) xx


  4. I absolutly love these colours and they actually all go very well together. I can never resist reductions!