The Do's & Dont's of Valentine's Day

Hello lovebirds!

Cupid's day is fast approaching. February 14 brings a lot of frustration and headaches to girls all over the world. The holiday based upon good old Saint Valentinus, who was imprisoned for marrying soldiers who were forbidden to marry. This Roman age lovemaker served as a martyr and has been celebrated ever since.

Of course the Valentine's Day we celebrate now is an extremely commercialised feast that has little to do with love or martyrdom, but more with flowers and chocolate. Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoy it. Especially when I have a lovely man to celebrate with.

I've composed a list of do's and dont's for this year's Valentine's Day, so you are sure to feel wonderful and gorgeous when you and your date strut hand in hand down the street.


- This probably comes as a surprise when you see most Valentine's Day makeup looks, but I'd advice you NOT to wear a bright red/pink lipstick. Most dates will involve eating, drinking and if you're lucky, kissing. Red lipstick will be a pain in the ass during all of these things. It will have you in the powder room more often than not touching up instead of spending precious time with your boo.

- If you aren't a complete pro in wearing heels, give them a no go for V-Day. You want to feel completely at ease with yourself, and not wobbly and shaky. I love heels, but if I know that my date involves walking, they're staying on my shelf.

- This might be less romantic, but don't let the date be a surprise. If you don't want to be a complete spoilsport, ask your date for a dress-code. Nothing sucks more than showing up to a diner or bowling alley wearing your gorgeous LBD and glamorous makeup, or the other way around. A fancy restaurant in your jeans and t-shirt. Being over or underdressed can make you feel self conscious or shy, which probably doesn't benefit your date.

- Don't try a completely different makeup look. If you're usually a mascara and lipgloss kind of girl trying to do a winged liner or elaborate smokey eye for V-Day is probably going to leave you unsure of your techniques.


- Be yourself! You have a date for Valentine's Day! Just have fun and enjoy this romantic day with the cute boo at your side.

- Maybe a little TMI, but wear a gorgeous set of underwear. I'm not saying this because you should be taking off your clothes on this day, but because all great outfits start with a good base. Wearing a nice set of lingerie will make you feel pretty and confident.

- This day should go both ways. You're not the only one who should get spoiled, your date will like a nice gift or a heartfelt note.

- Wear something that you know he loves. It is not necessary to wear something brand new. Plus this takes away the stress of shopping for a new outfit. Stress can have terrible effects on you, you'd rather have a clear radiant complexion than a big shiny red pimple.

Also, this day isn't just about boyfriends or girlfriends. Don't have a date? Go out with your girlfriends, dress up, eat and laugh your well dressed asses off.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! ♥

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