Essence Vintage District Trend Edition

'Cool hippy attitude meets bohemian chic and street style' is what the budget cosmetics brand essence says about their new trend edition. Filled with eyeshadows, nail polishes, nail art kits,gel eyeliners and a downright divine blush. This trend edition is one that really makes my blood flow faster. And it hasn't done that for a special collection in a long, long time. 

Hitting the shelves mid-february I knew I had to check out the stores every single day to see if they had stocked the displays with the gorgeous things that this collection was going to offer. I had seen some collection previews over on other Dutch beautyblogs. 

First up are the nail polishes. This collection came with four colors. A dusty old-pink, a grey with a light shimmer, an old peach and a nice vibrant turquoise.

EUR 1,89 each

I bought myself two out of the four polishes. Mostly because I couldn't justify buying two colors that I own really similar colors too. The turquoise/blue color is called 'shopping @ portobello road' and the dirty/murky peach is called 'vintage peach' I can't wait to apply these colors. I think the peach is either going to be super ugly or amazing. I'll have to see it against my skin to judge properly.

Something that has recently been added to the essence collection are special 'nail art kits'. Small zip-loc bags with different kind of glitter, flakes and pearls. In this trend edition the brand put two different nail art sets in.

vintagedistrict something g-old something new
vintagedistrict designer for a day
EUR 2,59 each
Top: Something g-old something new Bottom: designer for a day

These sets have really cute stuff inside. Different kinds of glitter, pearls for a caviar or studded nail art look, gems and even some gold leaf. I'm sure I'll get a lot of use out of these kits.  

But the real and total stunner of this collection is the multicolor blush. Oh boy am I in love with this things. It's a gorgeous warm peach color and the gold mixed in provides such a wonderful sheen to your skin. Sadly, the gold is just an overspray, so it will have disappeared after a few swipes of your blush brush. 

EUR 3,39
How incredibly gorgeous is this thing? I am telling you, YOU NEED THIS! Shopaholics of the world unite and make sure that if you can, add this to your collection. Everyone needs a gorgeous blush like this. And for that price!

The essence Vintage District collection is in stores right now, so rush while you can.

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