My MAC lipstick collection


I'm back! My darling boyfriend worked hard on getting my computer fixed and he managed. Windows was reinstalled and everything was wiped from it in the process. I have to start over completely and I am installing my video editor while typing this post. While my computer was out I snapped plenty of pictures and shot a couple videos so that I had an abundance of content to flood you with when my computer was back.

I saw Alix from icovetthee doing a video feauturing her mac lipsticks and noticed that her collection was quite similiar to mine. Not too big, a perfect color in each family. A red, a coral, a pink and a nude. What more could a girl want? There aren't any MAC lipsticks I am coveting at the moment, for I am very pleased with the collection I have right now.


First up is this iconic shade. Lady Danger is a gorgeous toned red. It works perfectly with my pale skin and combined with a subtle peachy blush it's the perfect colorful face. I often wear it to parties and dinners because it's a great conversation starter. Whenever I wear it people ask me what is on my lips. The finish is matte, my favorite in MAC lipsticks. It slides onto the lips easily and lasts a really long time. However, moisturizing beforehand is a must.


The Viva Glam Nicki lipstick is my second ever limited edition lipstick from MAC. I bought one in Berlin ages ago but have managed to lose it.. twice! Viva Glam Nicki is an in your face yellow toned pinky coral. It's a tricky color to combine and I have to admit that I haven't worn it that much since I own it. It probably looks a little better on darker skintones, so let's hope I can pull it off this summer.


Pink Nouveau was my first bright pink lipstick. It has a blue undertone and it looks amazing in so many ways. You can even pull this off with a darker eye makeup. It's a satin finish. Almost matte with the tiniest hint of sheen. It glides onto the lips and lasts a good time. This is the only lipstick I wear a lipliner underneath, otherwise it seeps into the lines outside your lips. Also, a moisturizer is needed, like with most lipsticks.


This is my latest and most favorite lipstick that I own from MAC. To me this is the perfect pinkyL nude. And it's matte too! Like I have mentioned on here numerous times. Glossy lips aren't exactly my favorite. I wear this color so often. Either with my very simple daily face, or with an elaborate smokey eye for a night out with the girls.

My MAC lipstick collection is small and edited. But it has everything that I need. This brand's lipsticks are amazing quality, but they're expensive. I see them as an investment, I don't purchase them on a whim. They are carefully debated choices and they really need to enrich my collection.

Do you own any MAC lipsticks? If so, which do you love most?


  1. Anonymous29/3/13 18:53

    I love your collection and i think Viva Glam Nicki looks really nice on you. I also have four MAC Lipsticks i have Angel, Plumful, Lady Bug and Vegas Volt. Each one is unique but Plumful is definitely my favourite at the moment xo

    1. I really like the look of plumful. Might have to check it out!

  2. What is the name of the fourth lipstick? Looks pretty perfect!

    1. Oops! Forgot to add it into the post, the lipstick is called Please Me.