Benefit Finding Mr. Bright





Benefit is one of my favorite brands when it comes to makeup. Their products are innovative and of great quality, and their packaging is always spot on. So when I had the chance to snag this kit during a monster sale, I struck. Hair was pulled, nails were broken and dresses torn. But I got my kit.

Shamefully I didn't look at the back properly and accidentally purchased the one with the concealer in the shade medium, so I can't exactly use that. Maybe when I'm super tan, which is about a quarter after never.

However, the rest of the content from this kit has been carefully chosen to make sure you look bright and radiant upon searching for your mister right. The kit contains four sample sizes of Benefit's complexion enhancing bestsellers. Posie Tint for a light natural stain of your cheeks and lips, Girl Meets Pearl a pink tinted highlighter to be used all over the face or underneath your foundation or tinted moisturizer, High Beam as a spotlight on your highest feautures such as cheekbones, nose bridges and browbones, and lastly Erase Paste to wipe away any traces of your tired eyes caused by all nighters spent looking for that special someone.

The packaging of this set it amazing. It comes in a bright neon pink and orange cardboard box. It feels luxurious and well thought of. It also comes with a little pamphlet with five tips for finding your mr. Bright.

A kit like this is the perfect solution if you want to get to know some of Benefit's product without splurging on the full size. I already owned a full size of the High Beam highlighter and absolutely love it. But upon trying the Girl Meets Pearl all over highlighter, which I really like mixing in with my foundation to create that perfect warm glow and the Posie Tint stain I am convinced and want the full sizes.

It's really a shame that I picked up a kit with the wrong shade of concealer. And sadly because it was on sale, they wouldn't allow me to exchange it.

The products are all sample size, while sometimes working with little brushes can be a bit tricky, Benefit did a really good job of making them easy to use.



I mixed in the Girl Meets Pearl highlighter with my Bobbi Brown skin foundation, I also used Bobbi Brown corrector and L'Oreal Lumi Magique lightening touch concealer on any spots and dark circles. I blended Posie Tint onto my cheeks, adding a little extra onto the apples of my cheek because I like that flushed look. The light pink stain that this gives off is super pretty and natural. I can definitely imagine myself using this a lot during summer. Because once it has blended and dried you don't feel it on your skin at all. I used the High Beam highlighter on top of my cheekbones, on the bridge of my nose and a tiny bit on my cupid's bow. I finished off the look with a swipe of Posie Tint over my lips and generous coats of Pupa Vamp mascara. Et voila! The perfect spring/summer fresh natural faced makeup look.



The Benefit Finding Mr. Bright is available at Sephora
€29,00 / $36,00


  1. So pretty! The kits from Benefit are such good value I think :)


  2. Aw too bad you bought the wrong one. This looks good on you!

    1. Hey jij, ga eens naar bed jij! Haha.

      Bedankt Tes. Ik kon mezelf wel voor de kop slaan, was net terug uit Den Haag toen ik het zag.