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Shame on me, I haven't done an instagram post in ages. Truth be told, it's kind of because I cooled off on Instagram, but I started reusing it a lot. So I decided to do a recap of my favorite instagrams before I go back to being a full time Instagrammer. I promise, no meal will go unphotographed.

1. Touching up the ombre for a little overall appearance 2. Spring! Finally, and Vita Coca tastes like summer in a bottle. 3. Falsies. 4. Love this watch, it's such a great accessorizing piece. 5. Girl's night in while the boy is out playing poker 6. Sushi with my magic mike 7. Chicness at Zara, need more of that in my life 8. Favorite little corner of my room 

9. Origins mask is a once a week skin saviour 10. Ham sandwhich with my buddy Mitchel from school 11. Breakfast of champions 12. Red Bull to get me through a long day of classes 13. Love reading blogs on the iPad 14. My fringe need a chop, whip out the Ikea kitchen scissors 15. More summer, because it started snowing again 16. My hair responds to sun super fast, and my ends keep getting lighter.

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