Products I can't live without #2



About a year ago I wrote a post on what five products I would want to keep if I woke up one day and only had five makeup products. I was a little amused reading this post because my preferences and style have definitely evolved over the course of just one year. If you wish to reference that post you can click right here.


A product I definitely can't live without is mascara. It is often the only thing I wear. I prefer volumizing mascaras to lengthening ones. My favorites are Pupa Vamp, YSL Effet faux cils and L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes.


A second product up high on my list is cream blush. I prefer cream to powder because it applies easier, and it looks better on my dry skin. I always prefer peachy over pinky. My skin is yellow-toned, and I feel peach looks more natural.


I used to be the bright lipstick girl, but now I usually reach for a lip balm. And believe it or not.. I am kind of addicted to a lip gloss. I know, I know, way to step off the 'lip gloss is evil gloopy stuff' -bandwagon. More on that particular addiction later.


A no fuss light coverage foundation is another product I cannot live without. This can be a tinted moisturizer, a bb cream or just a light coverage foundation. My favorites are Bobbi Brown skin foundation and Garnier BB cream for oily/combination skin.


Highlighter. The perfect way to make someone who has an insane sleep schedule like me look fresh and awake. Fatigue is something that can easily be read on the face, but highlighter on key places make you look awesome. Favorites are Benefit High Beam or L'Oreal lumi magique highlighting pen.

My previous list was more about making a statement with my makeup. Now, that is pretty much gone. I tend to go for a light, fresh face rather than a collection of bold colors and matte skin. Do you have certain products that you cannot live without?


  1. I looove cream blush. From what brand is the one that is not from Catrice? Or is it also Catrice? I don't recognize it xx

    1. That blush is Max Factor, it's called 'soft pink'.

  2. hi! where did you purchase the EOS lipbalm here in the netherlands? I'm vacationing here right now in Amsterdam, and was upset(well... the word is a little of an exaggeration) to find out that I left my favorite EOS lipbalm at home. Not sure if they have it here... I was wondering if you could help me.

  3. It came in a Glossybox. But they do sell them in Dutch webshops like Alice & Jo. I'm not sure about any actual stores.

    Www.AliceJo.com is the webshop. I hope this helped! Have a great time vacationing. If you can't manage yo find the EOS, the Nuxe Reve de Miel balm is great as well. If not better. They sell those at Skins Amsterdam.