Spring Polish Picks



It seems like spring is finally upon us here in the Netherlands. The sun manages to break through the thick layer of clouds and we're begnning to celebrate that there won't be any more snow for a lot of months. Winter wardrobes are being swapped for the new spring pieces and our hair and makeup is becoming a little more fresh and vibrant.

Part of the shift to spring is waking up my polish collection. My standard winter polishes are moved to the back of my Helmer and there seems to be a standard group of colors that I reach for in spring. T hese six colors are among my current selection of favorites.

fltr: Gosh 607 Crispy Coral / Nails Inc Brooke Street / OPI Ate Berries In The Canaries

fltr: Essence Wake Up / Essence No More Drama / Essence Sweet As Candy

I like my shades nice and bright. A little bit of personality on my nails, I think. And because you can't ex the pastels in spring, two really nice soft colors for that spring wedding you are about to attend. Truth be told, in my twenty years of living, I've only been to a wedding once. And I think I was about five years old. People better start getting married around me, I have a bunch of cute dresses to wear.

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  1. I'm going to try that Nails inc shade, its beauts!

    Thanks for the post!!

    LiviaLoves x