Kurt Geiger aka My first designer shoes



As much as I love fashion, my student life and Zara addiction often leave me struggling to get through the month. So I don't exactly have place in my budget for designer fashion. My greatest weakness in fashion is shoes and purses and you can imagine the collective sigh going through my house when I come home from the city with a nice new box under my arm.

I satisfy my need for fashion by looking at fashion blogs. And one of the firsts I started following was Sabrina from AfterDRK. This incredible Dutch woman has an amazing sense of style and I adore the outfits that she puts together. So when I saw on Instagram that she was selling her fabulous snakeprint Kurt Geiger heels my heart skipped a beat. I've been in love with these shoes since I saw her outfit years ago.

I was on the train on the way home from uni trying to order these things on the crappy 3G internet that kept failing. And I was muttering to myself 'please don't sell, please don't sell'  while I was trying to get them in my basket. It's safe to say that I managed to get paid and I even emitted a little yell when it said 'order complete'. I think I was glowing for the rest of the train ride.

Of course, ordering shoes online is really difficult. Because there is no way of trying them on before you drop your pretty pennies, but these they came in and they fit like a glove. I am so happy with them. I can imagine getting loads of wear of these amazing shoes. They desere an honorary spot on my bedroom shelves, where I keep all my favorite shoes.

Nice and classic, with an edge because of the snake print. Just how I like it. 

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