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I have this condition called the 'Vivianna Does Makeup-virus'. It's a chronic condition where one falls in love with anything this lady raves about. Anna promptly declared these the best lipgloss of them all. You see, this is where the real intense part of this condition kicks in. I am not a lipgloss type of girl. I have an intense loathing for the stickiness, the gloopyness and the overall look of it. But somehow, her raves have convinced me. And boy am I glad that happened.

But the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector does none of the above. It's like a crazy cool hybrid of lipbalm and lipgloss. They come in a range of magnificent shades that provide lovely natural lips. Unlike other lipglosses, which leaves a thick layer of gloopy artificial shine on the lip, this actually looks soft and radiant, with the perfect amount of shine.

I first purchased the shade 05 Candy Shimmer, which is already available on the continent but won't be available in the UK or US until May. Candy shimmer is nice and pink and looks super natural. I love just wearing this with some mascara and a pretty blush.

Today I purchased another one. Because one just wasn't enough. 02 Apricot Shimmer, the shade Anna first raved about. This one is a more peachy shade and is much more sheer than the previous I mentioned. It looks a lot better over a slightly nude/peachy lip color. This brings out the shade a little better.

I love these things. I kind of want all the shades now. But I know that I totally have to curb my spending and keep these two babies in my purse, for some much needed shine and radiance throughout the day.

Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector
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  1. Those lip colors are so pretty and feminine! Great review =)

    Suzie Q