Damn you Google and Hellocotton!

As many of you in the blog community might have learned,Google is pulling the plug on their Google Reader in a desperate attempt to force try to get people to use Google+. This basically renders Google Friend Connect useless. To be honest, I was okay with this. I don't really use Google Reader that often anyways.

What I was more saddened by is the demise of Hello Cotton. I love the community feeling that came with Hello Cotton, they easy way to discover great new posts and blogs through their daily top posts. A reason for quitting has not been given by the Hello Cotton crew, but it has come to and end. Your news feed is no longer updated a new rankings won't be posted anymore.

I think these two blogger tools disappearing is a real shame for the smaller blog.

If you follow SECONDHANDSPRING through Google Reader or Hello Cotton you can export your followings. For Hello Cotton there's a link on their front page right here

An alternative way of following blogs is through Bloglovin. Similar to Hello Cotton but without the community aspect. Bloglovin has a step by step plan on how to export your followings out of Google Reader and into your Bloglovin account. 

By clicking the bare breasted lady below you will be taken to my Bloglovin page, where you can follow me to stay up to date of all my posts and activity.

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  1. Wow, I never knew about HelloCotton! What a shame! I checked on Twitter and they said they did not meet with the audience we were hoping for...