The Switch: Taking your look from day to night



I'd like to think of myself as a fairly busy young adult. And sometimes I need to be able to go from looking classroom/office chic to a full blown 'ready to get down'-look, without stopping at home. That's where my lovely neon yellow makeup bag comes in. Filled with the contents required to take my everyday look into a proper evening look.

During the day I usually go for minimal. A luminous foundation with a hint of peachy blush and just a little mascara to set off my eyes, a tube of lipgloss in the side pocket of my bag and I am ready to face the day. If I want to take my look from day to night I only need a few things.

The Garnier BB cream for oily/combination skin is gorgeously matte and has enough coverage to give the illusion of great skin. Plus it doesn't give that annoying flashback in photos unlike some other bases touche eclat do.

What I need to take my simple mascara look is just four things. All come in narrow forms. Two eyepencils, a gold and a black. Makeup Store's pencil in Gold Digger is perfect applied liberally across the lid. Just smudge it out around the edges with your finger. I apply a line on my lower and upper waterline, I use a real budget item for this. The essence stays no matter what waterproof eye pencil in black. A thin winged strip of liner on my lashline and then plenty of black waterproof mascara to finish off the eyes.

Lipstick is really a multiple use item when on the go. I warm a little between my fingers and apply this as blush, then I finish off with a good swipe of the color across my lips and then I am good to go. The Maybelline Superstay 14hr lipstick is great if you want a fuss-free product that will last you through the night.

There's no need to go to great extremes for an evening makeup look. A few key products that are easy to carry around are all that it takes. And the best part, all of these products fit in that super cute clutch you wanted to wear on your date..


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