The Review: Gold of Morocco Pure Argan Oil


Although long gone, my ombre sure did a number on the quality of my hair. My ends have gone dry and they tend to look a little frazzled after a humid day. A popular method of smoothing frizz and making hair look healthy and glossy is the use of special serums or oils. The most popular being Moroccan Oil.  This blue and orange bottle is sold to millions all over the world and many bloggers have sung its praises. 

Even though Moroccan Oil is the more popular option, I have never wanted to try it. It is anything but pure oil. There are over three different kinds of oil extracts and a long list of sillicones to make sure it glides through your hair to give it that sleek feeling. 

I purchased this Gold of Morocco argan oil from a hairdresser wholesale. The oil has many great purposes. I use it to tame frizz, damn you heatwave. Or to protect my hair from heat of styling tools. I have noticed a significant change in the texture and behavior of my locks. They're much softer and easier to manage. Plus there's the added bonus of the delicious scent. My ends look healthy and glossy without ever being greasy. 

Overall I enjoy using this product for it is making my hair look healthy again, something I have been looking for for a while. If you are looking for a nurturing oil to improve the quality of your hair, this is it.

And did I mention that it's cheaper than Moroccan Oil?

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