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We're smack in the middle of the dog days. Two straight weeks of gorgeous sunshine with the occasional refreshing shower of rain. I'm loving the summer and the great times I have with friends, just hanging out and working on our tan. Something I haven't been loving is a full face of makeup. Whenever I wear foundation during the hot sticky days I just feel like clawing my face off. It feels too thick and smothering, even the lightest bit of coverage, and I've been avoiding it for weeks. 

To look put together during the hot days there's an array of products that I have been enjoying enormously. 

Bourjois bronzing primer - a gorgeous mousse bronzer that gives you a great natural glow. It's subtle and if you use it wisely you'll never look as if your wearing makeup. It will just look like a glowing sheen of bronze on your skin. 

Bourjois cream blush - this is the perfect color, not even slightly exagerating. Soft and creamy but drying into a powder finish that looks flawless on skin. Added bonus is the longevity. Even with the mercury stedily rising above 25 Celsius it lasts and lasts while everything else is melting. 

L'Oreal false lash telescopic waterproof - the mascara from heaven. It delivers volume and length while the waterproof formula holds curl like no other. You need a hammer and chisel (or that lovely Clarins eye makeup remover) to remove it, but that's part of its charm. Rain or shine and temperatures reaching into the thirties, this mascara does not budge. 

Benefit girl meets pearl - an all over complexion perfecter. Perfect for subtle highlights on the nose and cupid's bow. The glow that comes from it is really nice, and the slightly pink tint is great to balance out some imperfections. 

MAC cream color base in Hush - this. is. perfect. The color, the formula and the longevity. I splurged when I came across this at the mac counter. It's the perfect balance between glow and color. It adds a little bit of warmth to the skin while gorgeously adding shine. The perfect summer highlight in my opinion. I just apply this with my fingers on the top of my cheekbone. 

Clarins instant light natural lip perfecter and Bourjous Color Boost lip crayon - my lip products of choice during summer have to basic requirements. They need to be light and they need to be moisturizing. And these two do that exact thing. Bourjois is the choice I make when I need a little extra oomph, for it packs a bit more color than the Clarins. But the everyday choice still hands down goes to Clarins. I've always sworn that I am not a lipgloss girl, but these have forever changed my opinion. The perfect formula, for every day. 

I'm not missing full coverage foundation at all. Do you still wear a full face of makeup when it's hot outside? If you do, please tell me which it is you use. For now, I wish you a lovely day and many more beautiful days. Let's hope summer never ends. 

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