The Empties #3



There is something deeply rewarding about saving up your used up products. It gives me a confirmation that I don't just buy buy buy, but actually use some things as well. Below are the products that I have used up over time, each with a little mini review and if I would repurchase or not.


L'Oreal Elnett Satin  Hairspray - This is basically the hairspray of hairsprays, it's everywhere over the world and it does its job. It has a light flexible hold that brushes out easily. I do have to say that it is a finishing spray and not a styling spray. If you have heavy thick hair like me it won't hold your curls, but to brush my bangs aside for the day, it's great. Repurchase? Yes, there's a new one on my desk right now. 

Batiste Dry Shampoo XXL Volume - I love this so, so much. It gives my hair amazing volume, and I love it when I want to a little more interesting or fancy things with my hair. There are only so many times I can pull off my simple ponytail. I want more of this stuff. Repurchase? Hell yes, only I can't seem to find it in Dutch stores anymore. To the interwebs it is. 

Schwarzkopf Osis+ Glamour Queen finish spray - It came in a Glossybox and it wasn't that great. Yet I stuck with it and finished the bottle.What I like is there is no aerosol gas in this, making it a little more eco-friendly than regular hairspray. Repurchase? No.

Redken All Soft shampoo and conditioner - Great duo that leaves my locks nice and silky, while not weighing them down too much. Nice to try but they weren't that fantastic to go out and spend another fifteen euros per bottle. Repurchase? No, maybe if they're on special offer. 


Lifecare cleansing pore strips - quick and simple in use. These pore strips do a good job at cleaning out the pores on my nose once every two weeks. There is always something vaguely disgusting yet interesting about looking at the little dots pulled out of your face. Yes, that was in there. Repurchase? Yes.

The Body Shop Raspberry body wash - The Body Shop has fantastic scents, and this one is really sweet and fruity. It lingers for quite a while and I always feel like a piece of candy after using it. I like their body washes a lot, although the bottle is designed in such that the last bits are a bit difficult to squeeze out. Repurchase? Yes, but I'll be happy trying another scent as well. 

La Roche Posay Hydraphase UV Intense L├ęgere cream - a little sample given to me by my favorite sales assistant at the pharmacy. She thought I would like it and she was right, it's a really nice light cream for during the day that still does a great job at moisturizing the skin. When I run out of my current moisturizer I will probably give the full size of this a whirl. Repurchase? Probably.

Origins Never a Dull Moment cleanser - I love the smell of this cleanser, but my face feels stripped after using it. I think it's too harsh for my skin and I am glad I got a sample before splurging on the full size. Repurchase? No.

ARTDeco eyeshadow in 520 - My go-to eyebrow color for the past six months, it lasted a good time. Great formula and it's also good to use as a crease color. Repurchase? Probably not, I'm using the UD Naked Basics for my eyebrows and simple makeup looks.

Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover - This stuff is brilliant. The only thing that removes my L'Oreal waterproof mascara without rubbing and tugging at my lashes and lids. Repurchase? Yes, already bought a new one before this one ran out. 

Bourjois shower scrub - Smells divine and has tiny little scrub beads in it. It isn't as intense as a regular scrub but good for an everyday exfoliation. Repurchase? Yes

Obagi Clenziderm Daily Care Cream Cleanser - I mentioned this in an earlier post, but I still had a travel size bottle that I decanted a long time ago, and had standing on my boyfriend's bathroom shelf. Now that that has run out as well I am glad to report that Obagi has changed my skin. The cleanser is great and gentle and does it job. Repurchase? No, my skin no longer needs an anti-acne cleanser, I now use more hydration and pigmentation orientated products. 

Tan Shot Tan Booster drink - I know that it sounds a little out there. But this Carotene enriched drink promotes tanning and keeps your skin healthy from the inside out. I took some of these with me to Tunisia and they really work. I am a natural red head and tan incredibly slow, but not with these! While drinking these it took me only two days to get color on my skin and over the course of the week my tan only deepened. Repurchase? Not right now, but when I'm preparing for another holiday I will.

Vision SPF 30 All day sun protection - Only needed to apply this twice a day to protect my skin from burning in the hot Tunisian sun, I was impressed! Repurchase? Not right now, but when another holiday comes around I'd be happy to. 

Etos nail polish remover - Not much to say other than it does it's job and it's cheap. Since I've got acrylic nails I no longer wear glitter nail polish, so the need for a heavy duty polish remover has subsided. Repurchase - Yes, have one currently in use and a backup in my drawers. 

Bourjois 1 second magic nail polish remover - Great little invention, but in my opinion overpriced. It does nothing more than a regular nail polish remover and some cotton buds do. Apply some cream afterward et voila, manicure done. Repurchase? No

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